Rent To Own Homes in Florida Made Easy

Throughout this entire Rent To Own Homes process you are not just the typical average traditional renter…You’re actually a much much more intelligent renter.

This is truly considered  the smartest way to buy your dream home and become a homeowner with poor or bad credit.

Florida Rent to own homes

Our Rent To Own Homes in Florida Home ownership Program offers a Rent-To-Own program that has made it possible for many Northwest Florida home-buyers to achieve the American dream of becoming home owners. Our RentToOwn homes program, also known as Rent with the option to buy program, provides buyers a one to three year home-ownership plan that allows anyone to try out the neighborhood, fix any credit problems, save for a larger down payment, or get their financing in order before actually going through with the home purchase.

Our RentToOwn approach always begins with a minimum of 12 months or more rental lease agreement accompanied with an option to buy agreement. The option to purchase contract provides you with the 1st right to buy the home but not obligation to buy at a future predetermined agreed upon date at a, specific agreed locked in sale price. All of our rent2own buyers really like and understand our lease option buy home ownership program mainly because they see that it provides plenty of time and the opportunity to become homeowners.

Prior to when you actually purchase your new Northwest Florida home, you are going to have enough time to repair your credit as well as research different lender financing options. Our Rent-To-Own program has the ability to allow you to finally own your dream home with less than perfect credit.

With, you are not just the typical renter… you’re actually a much more saviour buyer! Rent To Own Homes in Florida program… is truly the smartest way to buy your new dream home and become a homeowner even with bad or less than perfect credit.

Our rent to own homes in Florida home ownership program is available to credit challenge buyers in Crestview, Niceville, Destin, Fort Walton Beach, Panama City and the other surrounding cities in the Northwest Florida panhandle.

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