How Rent To Own Works

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  1. Jen says:

    We are retiring from the AF, we have to wait another 6 months before we can get VA approved due to blemishes on reports from identity theft.
    Do you have any available homes in Navarre Florida?

  2. Jen,
    We appreciate you taking the time to leave us a comment. We are in the process of acquiring a new rent-to-own owner finance home in Navarre FL. Check back with us in a week or two for updates.

    Cheers, Team

  3. Patti French says:

    Looking to relocate from ohio and working on clearing up a few issues before getting a VA loan. Curious about your program.

  4. Patti,
    You have 2 options, give us a call or join our VIP Buyers List to get notification of new homes. In the meantime, having 3-10% down will get you into one of our rent-to-own or owner financed home regardless of your credit or past history within 7-14 days of your arrival.

    Owner Financed Homes Team

  5. Summer says:

    My husband. And I are looking for rent to own homes or homes for sale in Niceville Fl, Valparaiso Florida or in okaloosa county. We just need to clear 3 negatives from my husbands credit. Is there any thing available?

  6. Kenneth Moss says:

    I’m interested in knowing how much of the rent goes toward the purchase price.

    I need a 4-5 bedroom 3 bath in Niceville, Valparaiso, Blue water bay (32578) with a nice yard. I’m a single dad, divorced 2 years ago and had to claim bankruptcy. Waiting tables and starting a business, neither help my credit…

    I am 100% good with you guys making money off this transaction, so you can be 100% transparent and up front with me, with no fear of me backing out if it gets me and my kids a good home. I’ m former real estate investor also so, if this works well, we could possible we can do more business in the future.

    Very capable of rehabbing a home if need be and might prefer the sweat equity.

    Need a place by August, earlier if it needs repairs.

    Thanks for your time,. Hope we can do business

  7. shawn says:

    I am moving from PA to FL, I have 25k as a down payment but dont want to go over 100k for a purchase price. My phone is 5702385530, hope to hear from you soon. Thank you

  8. Florismelli Pollock says:

    I need somebody contact me in PORTUGUESE OR SPANISH . Thank you

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