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  1. Roy Hayes says:

    More info what is the asking price and what will the down payment and monthly payment be?

  2. Lisa chambers says:

    I am interested in this home.

  3. Great! Someone will get in touch with you shortly. Team

  4. Ok, the site will be updated with this information for each home very soon.

    Thanks, Team

  5. Joanne says:

    Hello What the difference between owner financing and rent to own? Thank you,

  6. Victoria Lewis says:

    I am moving to Pensacola area in late August or Sept. of 2014. I am looking for a home in Crestview or Cantonment area. I have a 21 yr old daughter in wheelchair. We will need a home that can accommodate a wheelchair with little or no carpet and great room type of floor plan.
    I would prefer a 3/2 patio home with small yard; approx. 1250-1500 square ft. And at least one bathroom with tub that is big enough for wheelchair.
    Thank you – Victoria Lewis

  7. Mariah says:

    Looking to buy a house in Crestview area for no more than 70.000, ready a down payment of 10%.

  8. Tyrone says:


    I’m looking to rent w/option to buy, from Northern Ms into Shelby County, preferably Cordova, Germantown, Western to Arlington, Lakeland, with land 5-10 acres, I’m renting into lease ending June, 2015, so in no hurry, but will look and if necessary, visit property earlier. I am a veteran, retired, so is my wife, and foreclosed on under water home, deeded to holding company, and auctioned. I am qualified for tax exemption through veterans disability. I will not waste your time…don’t want to agree to anything that does not meet our expectations. Own no one, but Credit history is fair. 640 is close to score. I am willing to talk to you if necessary. Thanks!

  9. We do not invest in Shelby County nor do we have any land with 5-10 acres at this time.

    Owner Financed Homes HQ Team

  10. cheri coffey says:

    Hi my name is Cheri Coffey. My hasband and I along with our % grandchilren would love to buy this home . We would love to call this home, however if I am understanding correctly you would need 22000.00 down? Please reply to my email asap. We are looking for a place within the next month. Thank You so much

  11. Cheri,
    Not sure which home you are referring to in your comment. It would be best to give us a call to discuss.

    Thanks Team

  12. stacey davis says:

    We are looking to relocate to the Brooksville, Dade City , Tampa or St. Pete area this fall. How can i contact someone to see whats available and possibly look at something in the area

  13. Stacey,
    The best thing would be to contact us ASAP (850-290-2372) and we will provide you with a list of our available rent-to-own owner finance homes for sale. Or at least provide you with helpful resources to help you find available rent to own homes in either Brooksville, Dade City , Tampa or St. Pete areas. team

  14. Melissa Utech says:

    Im looking to move to the Florida area prefer Santa Rosa Destin area or near by looking for a owner to finance home I have several pets so need a fenced good sized yard with shade , a sunroom at least 20×20 or larger at least 3 bedroom and 2 bath with garage . We were going to try and just buy a home straight our but my husband hasn’t been with his job long enough and he can transfer there with it. I own my business so Im self employed but I do plan on finding work once Im there preferably retail area we just need help trying to find a place . We are paying for our home here in Alabama and will probably rent it out . Hope to here from someone soon Melissa

  15. kimberly says:

    Can someone please contact me about this property.

    Thank you

  16. DENNIS says:

    Very interested, I would like information on contract/lease terms. If this home is not available, then I would like information on others in the area.

  17. Hi, give us a call (850-290-2372) and we will be happy to help you & your husband find a new RentToOwn home in either Destin or Santa Rosa FL area.

    Talk soon, Team

  18. Kimberly,
    Thank you for reaching out to us, someone will get in touch with you via email to answer your questions and get you started.

    All the best, Team

  19. Dennis,
    Thanks for the inquire, we sent you an email.

    Talk soon, Team

  20. leland bowman says:

    looking to possibly lease purchase a home. I have tried calling the number in front of ytour panama city beach listying, but no answer.

  21. Jessica says:

    I was interested in owner financing and was wondering if you had anything in the fort walton beach area ?

  22. Jessica,
    Not at the moment. However, we sent you an email & added you to our email list to be notified of new Rent To Own homes in the area.

    All the best, Team

  23. Leland,
    We were out showing homes when you called but we will return your call within 24 hours if not the same day. We have also sent you and email regarding our Panama City Beach Home.

    All the best, Team

  24. Kala says:

    Hello. I would like to talk to you about homes in the Panama City area. I am a nurse so sometimes it’s hard to reach me by phone. Can you email me please? Thanks! Kala

  25. Kala,
    Thanks for stopping by our site. We sent you an email reply, please check your inbox.

    Talk soon, Team

  26. Malik says:

    Hi there. Seeking a home owner financing around Tampa / Orlando / etc can pay upto 10,000 down payment. Thanks. Home not to exceed 150,000.

  27. SJHScott says:

    I currently pay 1,050 to rent a home in near Whirlaway Court in Crestview I have been in the current house almost four years . My lease is up in December 2014. I would like to remain in this neighbor or the neighbor behind Wal-Mart. How do I contact Owner Financed Homes HQ ?

  28. Angela says:

    Do you have any homes in the Bonifay , Graceville, Mariana Florida area?

  29. Angela says:

    Do you have any homes in the Bonifay,Graceville, or Mariana Florida area ?

  30. Angela,
    We do not currently have any homes available in those areas. Team

  31. Scott,
    We can be reach at 850-290-2372 to discuss our rent-to-own owner finance homes in Crestview FL Monday-Friday.

    Talk soon, Team

  32. Malik,
    Thanks for stopping by our website. We do not have any available homes in Tampa or Orlando Florida at this time.


  33. Margie E. Casey says:

    We are looking for a rent to own three bedroom fixer-upper with payments around $400.00 per month or cheaper if possible. My Father and Mother have divorced, Mom got the house and property. My father has retirement and has sold a piece of property but will be receiving payments on that property. That will also help with the rent to own payments and fixing up the property for Dad, myself, and my son. If you have anything that is available in the Crestview,Fl. city limits please TEXT my phone the number it is ***-***-****. Thank you for your time in this case because we need somewhere to live as soon as possible!!!!

  34. Margie,
    Thanks for reaching out to us to help you with locating the perfect home for you and your family. You can expect a call from one of our Owner Financed Homes team members very soon.

    All the best, Team

  35. Parker says:

    Looking for a 3-4 bedroom home in the Palm beach county area. Have little one so neighborhood and school district is a plus.

    Please let know if you have available properties.

  36. Tina says:

    Is this the only listing you have in PCB

  37. Beth Hatton says:

    My family and I are looking to move to North Crestview area from Alabama soon. Could you email me with listings for owner finance in this area? Thank you!

  38. Kirsten says:

    Looking to move to Crestview area asap. Are there any more homes available for rent to own? We would need at least 3 bed 2 bath and fenced in yard. Thanks!

  39. Tina,
    Thanks for the inquire. This is the only owner financed rent to own home currently available in Panama City Beach for sale.


  40. Kirsten,
    We actually have a 3 bedroom 2 bath home on .34 acres with fenced in backyard available.

    All the best, Team

  41. Beth,
    We are happy to hear that you and your family will be relocating to our beautiful city. The easiest way to receive email notification for news homes is to sign up for our VIP buyers list.

    All the best, Team

  42. Lawrence says:

    Hello . . . I am interested in a home in Panama City or Panama City Beach area. My credit is not the best, which is why I am contacting you. Is there anything that would show on my credit report that would automatically disqualify me from using your program? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  43. jason says:

    What are the monthly payments?

  44. Dawn Martin says:

    Im looking for a rent to own / owner finance option in Crestview/Milligan Florida.

  45. Dawn Martin says:

    Im looking for rent to own in Milligan/Crestview

  46. Lawrence,
    The current approval process is only base on verifiable income, employment, 3 times the monthly payment (GROSS) for the home and an active bank account. Our Rent-to-Own program does not consider your credit or pass history.

    Just sent you an email reply.

    Happy New Year!

  47. Not sure which home you are referring to…

  48. We a home available in North Crestview FL.

    Happy New Year!

  49. Keith Pumphrey says:

    How much will the monthly payments on this house be?

  50. Hey Keith,
    Thanks for stopping by our website. I am not sure which home you referring to in your question. However, If it was for the 3 bedroom 2 bath brick home in Panama City FL then the monthly payment is $1,430 and $5,000 down.

    Let me know if there is anything else we can help you with.

    Take care.

  51. Ray and Susan says:

    Looking for a home in Panama City , Destin, Santa Rosa area or close by, looking for something not too congested, maybe on the outskirts ? Prefer CB home to Mobile home. Need 2 or 3 bedroom, 2 bath, would like fenced yard , and garage. Open floor plan and fireplace are a plus. Have a 700 credit score, can verify income. Own home in Ocala area, in giid standing with mortgage, wish to move north. Please add my email to your list and send any possibilities my way, thanks so much….Susan

  52. Chet Lynch says:

    Please contact me about the home in PCB FL. I am interested in that home!

  53. Chet,
    Thanks for visiting our website and your interest in our Panama City Beach FL home. Someone will be giving you a call tomorrow.

    All the best

  54. Ray & Susan,
    It would be our pleasure to add you to our VIP Buyers List and help find the best home for you guy’s.

    Take care

  55. Ray and Susan says:

    Thanks for you reply..also wanted to mention our monthly payment maximum is around 800.00. We hope we will find something in the next 60 days..30 would be even better 🙂 Thanks Again..looking forward to your new listings..

  56. Judy says:

    Looking for a home either in Destin or Fort Walton Beach area ASAP… Please email me

  57. Ray and Susan says:

    I was wondering,… the quoted monthly payments for the listed homes, does that including escrow for House Insurance and taxes, or is that additional to the payment ?

  58. Yes, the monthly payments for our rent-to-own homes does include insurance and taxes.

  59. Judy,
    Check your inbox & do not forget to join our VIP Buyers List for notification of all new homes.

  60. katherine green says:

    Looking for rent to own homes in Pensacola fl.

  61. Please add yourself to our VIP Buyers List & we will notify you of new Pensacola FL rent to own homes.

  62. Anna Matthews says:

    Looking for a rent to own house in the country in Crestview, Baker, or Holt, FL.

    Thank you!

  63. Lanika says:

    Hi, were looking for homes in crestview, laurel hill, milton and baker.

  64. Lanika,
    Great! We look forward to helping you and your family find a great place to call home. At this time we do not sell rent to own homes in Laurel Hill, Milton or Baker.

    Best wishes

  65. Stephen Watson says:

    Looking for a home in the Central/North Florida area. We are trying to modify our current mortgage with Chase, but the attorney handling the case gives it less than a 50% chance of success. Should it fail, the same attorney will be handling the short sale of the home. We wasted a vast amount of time traveling to Ocala to look at properties, only to be told we had to wait 2 years after the short sale before I could use my VA entitlement again. It would appear that owner financed properties are our only options until I regain my VA entitlement. Your professional thoughts?

  66. Farouk Ali says:

    Need a 2 and or 3 BR in Florida between DelRay and Palm Beach Gardens, Orlando to Jax.
    Reasonable Owner Rent to Own.

  67. Tina says:

    Looking for rent to own home in Navarre of Gulf Breeze area. I have been paying $1100 per month for 2 years and would like to put that toward my own home. Thanks.

  68. Tina says:

    Is there properties in Tampa spring hill locations

  69. Kim says:

    Hello, We are looking for homes in Crestview, Fl.

  70. grace pinnock says:

    I am looking for a owner finance home.


  71. Dave White says:

    We are a retired military with SSDI with a credit score 702 on Karma. We have been foreclosed on our home of 20+ years. We are a family of 4 adults and at this time we have our other
    daughter and her 4 children with us for the time being. We would like to stay in the Florida panhandle (Navarra to DeFuniak Springs) We don’t mind being outside the city limits and have land with the home or mobile home. Even some homes that need a little TLC. We are looking for a RENT TO OWN with payments around $1,000.00……Thanks for your help !

  72. Yenifer says:

    Did you have house in Fort Walton or Destin ?

  73. Linda says:

    Hello, I am looking for a home in the Scenic Heights area in Pensacola, FL……. Do you have any listings?

  74. Linda,
    Thanks for visiting our site. We do not have any homes in the Scenic Heights area in Pensacola, FL at this time. Consider joining our VIP buyers list & get advance notifications of new homes.

    Happy New Year!

  75. Yenifer,
    Thanks for visiting our site. We do not have any homes in Fort Walton or Destin, FL at this time. Consider joining our VIP buyers list & get advance notifications of new homes.

    Happy New Year!

  76. Dave,
    Thanks for visiting our site. We do not have any homes in Navarra or DeFuniak Springs, FL at this time.

    Happy New Year!

  77. Judy says:

    I am in the process of looking for rent to own in Panama City Beach, Fl.
    I have until the end of next month to move and find a place ASAP.
    I am looking for a 3 or 4 bedroom with 2 baths with a huge backyard for my little ones.
    Please email me some information if possible…
    Thank you,

  78. Hi,
    We just sent you an email reply. Thanks again for leaving us your comment and inquire.

    All the best, Team

  79. John says:

    Hi; our Credit is good, but we don’t have a Work History there, and want to move there from MA. About half of our income is on-line, and can be done from anywhere. We also do Flea Market selling every week. My regular job in MA has many possibilities down there too (Truck Driver and/or on-line sales). Is this possible through you, and are there any homes available in the Kissimmee, Davenport, Lake Alfred, or close areas? We can make a living where ever we are, but need assistance getting a home to set it all up. Thanks, John

  80. John,
    Thanks for leaving us your comment regarding your home buying needs. Unfortunately, we do not have any available homes in the areas you mention at this time. However, in the mean time consider joining our VIP Buyers List and get advance notification of news homes before we market them to the general public.

    Cheers, Team

  81. Harry says:

    We are looking for a 2/3 bedroom, 2/3 bath, 2 car garage with fenced yard in the Destin, niceville, blue water bay, Freeport areas. We will arrive on 19 March and would prefer a rent to own as our VA is tied up with our current home. Once our Current home sells we will have our VA again.
    Please keep us informed of any Properties that match our needs.

  82. Sean Garrison says:

    Hello I am looking for a home in crestview FL. I am looking for payments around $700-$800. Thank you.

  83. Betty Jones says:

    Do you currently have any rent to own homes available in Panama City, FL

  84. We do not have any Panama City FL rent to own homes available at this time.

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